We have been conferring with as many people and organisations as we can, nationally and locally, for 10 months now. We have already fed ideas from this process into our thinking, and now it is time to test the thinking with the entire community in Glen Urquhart.


Ideas for small environmentally-friendly businesses (eco-enterprises) so far include a school for master furniture building, hoping to take on local apprentices – as many as 20 a year. We have a fabulous company, Angus and Mack, keen in principle to run this school. A second idea is a workshop for Makar for manufacturing components of eco-buildings. We would love to hear your ideas for other enterprises. 


One of our aims is to work with the Scottish government so that we can provide affordable housing for people to get started in life – housing buyable at a reasonable price with no deposit. By doing this, we hope to help tackle the issue of declining communities and the

“re-peopling” of the Highlands. 


The eco-enterprises and eco-homes in our idea would be designed and manufactured by Makar, a timber-frame building manufacturer based in Inverness. Makar specialises in zero-carbon homes. They are a Scottish leader in innovative ecological building. We love their vision and culture so much that the Bunloit project has invested in them, and our Executive Director sits on their board. 

The Scottish Government is determined to rebuild the economy better, in ways that help fix each of the crises we face today. We believe our idea can help.  

In June this year, Chair of the Highland Council’s Economy and Infrastructure Committee, Councillor Trish Robertson noted that: 

“Highland is in a unique position to support the just transition to a net zero economy – our land assets and the public goods that Highland delivers provides us with a huge advantage over other areas. We will therefore need to secure and redirect investments across the region into low carbon projects which support green jobs and a dynamic economy to ensure that the region is seen as a leader and exemplar in meeting our commitments to climate action.”

Our idea begs questions and involves both problems and opportunities. We invite you to get involved in this process by joining the conversation on the forum.


The woodland on Bunloit Estate is currently being evaluated for Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) and PEFC™ certification.  

As part of our plans on Bunloit, there will be some upcoming amendments to our Long Term Forest Design Plan to increase the diversity of our forests, making them more resilient by promoting native tree species. 

You can read about what this means for North Bunloit on the forum.